Bans Off Our Bodies FTW Power in Progress – Building a Coalition

Power in Progress – Building a Coalition

Community of Support and Care

Organizations dedicated to providing vital support and care to marginalized communities, individuals seeking reproductive care, and those in need of essential services.


Our mission is to provide safe and brave spaces for social and personal development of LGBTQ youth.

Our physical and virtual programs offer hope in the lives of each youth served.

Funky Town Fridge

We are a mutual aid organization here that feeds food apartheid neighborhoods all over Fort Worth, Tx 24/7. We aim to eradicate food insecurity in the city of Fort Worth and we need your help!

La Canastita

Free Community Pantry providing food and water to the Dallas community. We need all of us to mobilize and protect our most vulnerable community members

Say It With Your Chest DTX

Black woman-led mutual aid organization standing in solidarity with our unhoused neighbors in Dallas, TX.

Dallas Sandwich Sundays

Providing food and supplies to the Dallas houseless communities.

SafeHaven of Tarrant County

We operate by the motto “Start By Believing.” If you call for help, know that we’re on your team. Our goal is to pave the way for you to seek resources and pursue justice in the safest way possible.

Food Not Bombs DTX

When a billion people go hungry each day, how can we spend another dollar on war? Food Not Bombs is an all-volunteer movement that recovers food that would otherwise be discarded, and shares free vegan and vegetarian meals with the hungry.

Tarrant Area Food Bank

Tarrant Area Food Bank was founded in 1982 by a group of Fort Worth residents concerned about hunger in their community. It is now the primary source of donated food for hunger-relief charities and feeding programs in Tarrant and 12 surrounding counties, serving 1,000,000 meals each week.

United Fort Worth

United Fort Worth is a multiracial grassroots community organization that actively works to challenge discriminatory policy and systems of oppression, while empowering Black, Latinx and other historically marginalized communities, to join the fight for justice through collective action.

Southside Community Garden

Southside Community Garden (SCG) is a grass-roots initiative that builds garden boxes at the homes of community members in 76104, which is a zip code with one of the lowest life expectancies in the nation.  We  increase access to fresh produce and empower transformational healing in a community impacted by food apartheid and systemic racism.

Fort Worth Community Collab

Fort Worth Community Collaborative (or FWCC for short) was founded in 2022 with the mission of creating the first true community-based clothing closet in Fort Worth.

Street Medics Dallas

The Street Medics Dallas (SMD) is a volunteer-run organization whose primary mission is to provide preventative care and treatment to individuals participating in, attending, or present by happenstance at protests or other social movement events in the City of Dallas and its surrounding areas, and providing low-level emergent and preventative medical care to the unhoused.

Activism and Advocacy

We are trying to build a powerful alliance of organizations dedicated to promoting justice, equality, and liberty for all. This coalition encompasses a wide array of causes, including reproductive rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, BIPOC issues, and every other social justice issue. In the wake of significant challenges, such as the erosion of reproductive rights and the persistence of systemic discrimination, these organizations stand united in their efforts to effect positive change. They engage in grassroots activism, community outreach, and policy advocacy to dismantle oppressive systems, challenge discriminatory legislation, and foster an inclusive society that respects and celebrates the diversity of all individuals. Explore these organizations and join the collective fight for a more just and equitable future.


We believe in solidarity, coalition, and standing together to fight against oppression. We are inclusive and welcome you to speak up, stand up, and bring your passion to this movement! Bring it as you feel it; all are welcome who are willing to do and support the good work. We invite you to share your stories, your art, your unique perspective and activism to this group.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas

Trusted source for healthcare, advocacy, and medically-accurate sex education in central, east, north, and west Texas. All are welcome.

We care. No matter what.

MAGA, the Good

Mothers Against Greg Abbott is a collection of ‘badass mamas’ who’ve come together to make sure our voices are heard this election. We know that change isn’t going to come from the left or right but from those of us in the middle.  While we don’t agree on every topic, we all agree that we need change in Texas in 2022 if we want Texas families and communities to thrive.

Tarrant County Democratic Party

Tarrant County is the third largest county in Texas by population and one of the last purple urban counties in that nation. When we flip Tarrant, we flip Texas!

The Progressive Women of Arlington

We are women who believe that active and engaged citizens are the most powerful force for positive change in our city, our state and our nation.  We fight for transparency in government, social and economic justice for all citizens, women’s health, health care for all, and environmental safeguards.

Arlington Residents for Inclusion

The mission of Arlington Residents for Inclusion (ARI) is to engage with our community through – advocacy, community outreach, civic participation, education, and fellowship with the goal of ensuring all residents of Arlington have a public voice and seat at the community table.

Pro-Choice Frisco

Youth Activists for safe & legal abortion access in Texas

all uterus owners have a right to abortion🌈❤️

DFW Progressives

Monthly Meetings Connecting DFW Progressives

We agree and debate. We teach and learn while networking with new friends. 

Our panel guests include community activists, community leaders, business owners, public servants, and candidates.

Project Pro-Roe

Project Pro-Roe is a movement spearheaded by youth across America that advocates for reproductive rights by rapidly mobilizing the public to rally. We seek to form a synchronized, youth-led movement to maximize America’s youngest voices. 


Harm Reduction organization that provides education, supplies and support in DFW.

Equality Texas

We work to secure full equality for LGBTQ Texans through political action, education, community organizing, and collaboration.

Lone Star Left

Living Blue in Texas was started for the sole purpose of helping to keep voters informed and up-to-date on the latest in Texas news and politics.

The goal is simple, to help keep Texas democrats motivated to get out and vote.

We want to see an end of the extreme Gerrymandering which has taken place in Texas and voter suppression. Once and for all, we want to turn Texas blue.


Every other weekend, we will be protesting Stedfast Baptist Church (part of Stephen Anderson’s international hate network) because they preach hate and DEATH against Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ+, elected officials, gamers, and children. They have celebrated the actions of mass shooters. You can find more information at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Anti-Defamation League, ABC News, NBC News, Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Newsweek, as well as other local, national and international news & media sources.

Formerly of Sansom Park, Hurst and Watauga–Stedfast is now located in the former building for the New Life Apostolic Church Building located at:

332 Texas Street
Cedar Hill, Texas

Join Us?

We will follow your accounts, watch for your events to help amplify them, and add your organization to the list above if we find that it fits with our Power in Progress movement. Please follow our socials below!

Alone we are but a drop in the ocean. Together we are a wave of change!

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