We’ve been doing BOOB School for over a year and we have discussed so many important subjects from how lack of reproductive care affects marginalized communities to how we can better build a movement. Check out all our past school subjects and resources here.

We are working with organizations across DFW and the nation to fight authoritarianism in Texas and provide mutual aid to those in need. Check out some of the organizations we try to amplify here, or put your organization on the list.

A list of resources for abortion seekers, activists, educators, and the curious. Whether you need information about who to contact if you need reproductive care or if you need statistics to better understand this debate, this is a great list of resources to get you started!

November 2024 is a year away, but there is a lot of information to keep straight and so much we need to be doing to make sure every voice is heard! We collected a few great resources to help you check your registration status, figure out the deadlines, and find pro-choice candidates in your local and state elections.

A list of companies that have supported reproductive healthcare through political donations and/or company policies. We encourage you to consider these companies when shopping (or shop local!).