Bans Off Our Bodies FTW Past Protests,Protest Info Protest the Overturning of Roe v. Wade – Weatherford

Protest the Overturning of Roe v. Wade – Weatherford

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The fall of Roe vs. Wade has ignited a fire under generations of individuals who only weeks ago had the right to plan their families and make choices to ensure their futures. We are angry, but November is still months away and we have a unique chance to make our voices heard in the voting booths. Until November, we have to make sure that everyone knows that we will not slink away and accept our fates at the hands of the religious right who want to force us to live under their religious beliefs regardless of what we believe.

They have spent the past 50 years ensuring Roe would fall. They’ve chipped away at our freedoms. They’ve put far right wing nuts in office. They’ve convinced people that they believed Roe was law and could not be changed while propagandizing and regulating elections to make it seem like our voices don’t count. They’ve appointed judges across the South and Middle America to help uphold the draconian laws they prepared for this moment.

It will be hard to overturn a 50 year campaign, but we can do it. We can flip Texas. We can help the nation flip the Senate and the House.

We will not fall silently into this darkness.

Protests are erupting across America and we all deserve to have our voices heard! The best way to make sure the movement continues through November is to join up with as many other groups as possible! The Progressives In Parker County group on Facebook are having a protest on Friday night, a 30 minute drive from downtown Fort Worth!

Here’s a link to the FB Event! Go on over and sign up to stand up!

We Will be Joining the Progressives In Parker County, Texas Friday!

We invite you to come on out with us!

Sign Up HERE!


July 1


Parker County Courthouse
1 Courthouse Sq
Weatherford, TX 76086

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