Bans Off Our Bodies FTW Protest Recaps May 14th Bans Off Our Bodies Days After Supreme Court Leak

May 14th Bans Off Our Bodies Days After Supreme Court Leak

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The Supreme Court leak of the overturning of Roe V Wade moment is one of those that will forever live in infamy. For millions of people across America – those that have fertile uteruses, those that have already fought this fight, parents and grandparents of those that are losing their autonomy – May 2nd will always be remembered as the day we lost our autonomy. We will remember where we were and what we did in the face of that impending atrocity.

The decision wasn’t even official, but we were already mourning the rights we had comfortably come to believe would never be taken from us, even in the face of increasingly stringent (and ridiculous) limitations over the past years. Expressing our grief, our anger, our confusion became instantly necessary. And we organized, we grabbed our signs, and we found a courthouse near us that was hosting a protest where we could express our rage while sometimes unexpectedly finding a community. This was the moment we realized that we are enough. . . enough to flip the state, flip the TX Senate, flip the TX House, and flip Abbott right out of power. Our purpose since this moment has been to grow, to bring in as many like minded folks as possible, to register everyone to vote.

This was the first for many – the first time our rage forced us out the door sign in hand. Others have been comfortably raging about this atrocity and so many others for months, years, decades even. For those of us in that latter category, the swell of community in this moment gave us hope.

We won’t go back. We won’t stand still. We are all moving in one direction.

And I’m, personally, here for it.



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