Bans Off Our Bodies FTW Protest Recaps June 12th Protest Against the Inevitable Death of Our Autonomy

June 12th Protest Against the Inevitable Death of Our Autonomy

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Our June 12th Bans Off Our Bodies event was a powerful reminder that we can’t let our rights go peacefully into the night. We may have been overshadowed by the (much needed) Nationwide “March For Our Lives” Protests the day before. But we showed up in 104° weather. We marched. We made our voices heard. And we are ready to do it again. And again. And again until we fully have our own lives and our own bodies within our own hands.

The recent leak of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade has turned so many lives upside down. With this decision and state government laws across America, Americans will lose their rights to abortion. They will lose the right to choose whether they are ready to be a mother before giving birth to a baby. They will lose the right to choose their physical health, their mental health, and ability to ensure their future. They will lose their right to privacy and their right to make decisions based on their own morality, life positions, and economic situations.

This is a loss of personal autonomy. And it means our country is moving away from personal freedom and into a religious state. We can’t stress enough how egregious this decision will be. We can’t express enough how terrifying it is.

We caught a little attention in the press:

Here’s some photos from the event (thanks to Belinda & Holly):

We also have a couple photographers that post photos from these events and many more. Check them out:

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