Post-Roe Reproductive & Economic Justice: Connections

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Post-Roe Reproductive & Economic Justice: Connections

Post-Roe Reproductive & Economic Justice: Connections

Vanderbilt Divinity School Presents

Moderated by Jeremy Posadas, this webinar will frame the entire series by providing an overview of the challenges faced by the reproductive justice and economic justice movements and the ways activists continue to creatively advance these movements in the face of those challenges — thereby transforming society and religious communities.

Conversation partners include long-time leaders from each movement:

  • Dr. Toni Bond, one of the founding mothers of reproductive justice
  • Ms. Vonda McDaniel, president of the Central Labor Council of Nashville/Middle Tennessee

Their conversation will be of interest to both congregation members and leaders who are committed to or want to learn about these movements. It will also be of interest to activists in either movement who are open to exploring new forms of solidarity and ways that religious communities can be allies in pursuing them.


Mon Sep 26    
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


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