denton 10/08: pro-roe is pro-survivors event

pale pink uterus on army green background surrounded by words 'Pro Roe Denton 5pm-8pm' and other info about the rally on 10-09-2022

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denton 10/08: pro-roe is pro-survivors event

denton 10/08: pro-roe is pro-survivors event


  • register to vote
  • listen to speakers/performances
  • writing letter station
  • express your frustration peacefully

ROE V WADE HAS BEEN OVERTURNED! We refuse to go back and we will continue to fight for bodily autonomy and make our voices heard. This rally will specifically focus on survivior’s of sexual assault, but we support legal abortion on demand NOW despite the circumstances. MY BODY IS MY CHOICE and as a survivor of sexual assault, I find this ruling disgusting. WEAR GREEN FOR ABORTION, WEAR FAKE BLOOD. The overturn of Roe will kill many, so make the people who are willing to let uterus owners die uncomfortable. Lives are at stake; comfort is not a luxury they deserve.

donations are appreciated for supplies, ect. If there is any left over, it will be split between pro-choice and pro-survivor organizations and non-profits.


Sun Oct 9    
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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