Bans Off Our Bodies Fort Worth, Texas Protest Info July 30 March – Bans Off Our Bodies FTW

July 30 March – Bans Off Our Bodies FTW

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Join us June 30th in Fort Worth to protest the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe V Wade and the rash of anti-abortion legislation across the nation. With these new laws, pregnant people across the nation, especially right here in our home state, have had their life choices removed from them. Doctors in Texas and beyond are no longer free to treat pregnant people using their best medical judgements and experience. Legislators with no understanding of the anatomy of the female body or the trauma that is caused by carrying a fetus to full term are now regulating the female body with no regard for the person the body belongs to.

Adding to these difficult scenarios, SCOTUS is geared up to overturn other court decisions that have long depended on the privacy set forth by Roe V Wade. Soon, state legislators will be creating laws deciding who we are able to marry, who we are able to sleep with, and which types of birth control are acceptable. Overturning a person’s right to choose whether their own body is able and willing to bring a fetus to term is only the beginning of what will surely be known as a backwards slide towards a darker age when women, persons of color, and non-heterosexual people had no liberty. And for several communities, including the trans community, where liberty to live a full and happy life had yet to be fully achieved these draconian laws will only erase any previous victories.

Bans Off FTW is organizing this protest and other events to bring awareness of these laws and the future we all are facing if we are not able to make serious changes in all levels of the government. We will have voter registrars to help people get registered and get information about pro-choice candidates at the march. Please register. Please vote. Please remember that this midterm election is only one step towards moving our country out of the hands of evangelical extremists and into a future where each of us holds the power over our own bodies and privacy.


Agenda of the day-

How To Help


We are accepting donations to help pay for a few things we need for an effective protest. We need a sound system, first aid supplies, water, permit insurance, and much more. If you want to help, please check out our GoFundMe. Even if you can’t give, please share across social media!

You can also bring water, ice, and ice chests with you to share (or not). With the Texas heat, we appreciate donations! We also have an Amazon Wish List if you would like to donate items.

We also have a shop where we sell a few items we have designed such as logo t-shirts, if you would like to get something back for your donation. Please check it out!

If you would like to volunteer in a different way or donate a specific item, please contact us. We need all the help we can get to make sure our voices are heard!

Have A Story To Tell?

We are looking for speakers for the event! If you have a story to tell, we want to hear it! We are allowing each speaker up to 5 minutes. Just sign up here!

Get More Details

Check out the FB Event page for more info and to let us know you are coming! Or see more details such as the address, dates, and a map on our event page.

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