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We are a group of concerned citizens from the Fort Worth Area who have come together to raise awareness of reproductive healthcare issues facing Texas in the wake of the downfall of Roe V Wade.

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Join Us to Get The Word Out! WE WILL NOT GO BACK!

B&W Photo of Protesters holding Abortion Justince Can't Wait Sign. A blue wave on the right side and details about the protest on the right.

Nationwide Women’s Wave

We will be joining Planned Parenthood’s Women’s March for a nationwide wave of protesters. Join us at Tarrant County Courthouse or check out Women’s March Action Hub to find an event near you.

October 8th @ 5:30

The Women’s Wave will turn the Tide!


Our group has a protest each month to raise awareness, rally allies, and encourage voting. We also try to amplify other protests, marches and events in the area so every Texas voter can have their voice heard as we fast approach the November mid-term elections.

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Thanks to Diane Symons for this great video of our past protests!

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Voting Info

Get information about registering to vote, voting, and how to find pro-choice candidates in Texas! The mid-terms are in November and we need to be prepared to send a message to Austin that we do not support the barbaric laws are being created to rule over us!

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Come To Events

Show Up for our meetings where we discuss the most effective way to get our word out and the long term affects of the recent legislation against our liberty, all while enjoying companionship with like-minded Texas folks!


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Our Democratic Republic is built for the loudest and most populace citizens to rule, but, here in Texas, we have been quiet for too long and allowed the loudest to build a government around us that doesn’t consider us. Every election we need to bring out more and more reasonable folks to the polls.



Things cost. If you are able and willing, we have several ways for you contribute to the cause of reproductive rights in the Tarrant County area. Any funds we raise that are not used for protests and events will be contributed to local reproductive rights orgnanizations.

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Early Voting in Texas Has Started!

Here’s what you need to know! Make Sure You Are Registered! Check your registration status online at the Texas Secretary of State’s MY VOTER PORTAL website. There are 3 options for looking up your status,

Women’s Wave TX Locations

Saturday, October 8th is exactly 30 days before November’s midterm elections! We plan to remind everyone through nationwide marches for reproductive justice! We want to send a message of solidarity to candidates across the country

Get to Know the Candidates

Governor Republican: Greg Abbot (https://www.gregabbott.com/issues/) Democrat: Beto O’Rourke (https://betoorourke.com/issues/) Green Party: Delilah Barrios (https://delilahfortexas.com/) Libertarian: Mark Tippetts (https://www.mark4gov.com/issues.html)  Lieutenant Governor Republican: Dan Patrick (https://www.danpatrick.org/)  Democrat: Mike Collier (https://www.collierfortexas.com/issues/)  Libertarian: Shanna Steele (https://www.facebook.com/shannasteeleforltgovernor/)  Attorney General Republican:

Pro-Choice Wins Since Dobbs

On June 24th, in a landmark decision, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade giving the greenlight to states across the country to outlaw abortion beginning at conception and opening up the possibility of other