Bans Off Our Bodies Fort Worth, Texas Tackling A Post-Roe Texas One Level At A Time

Tackling A Post-Roe Texas One Level At A Time

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We are a group of concerned citizens from the Fort Worth Area who have come together to raise awareness of reproductive healthcare issues facing Texas in the wake of the downfall of Roe V Wade.

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Help Us Get The GRACE Act In Fort Worth

  • Your Action Plan to Decriminalize Abortion 1 Learn About the GRACE Act 2 Email City Council 3 Vote May & Nov 2023 4 Join a City Council Meeting 5 Tell Everyone
  • The GRACE Act What is it? Local resolution to make enforcing anti-abortion laws low priority. How does it work? City gov would direct police, courts, etc. to NOT use its funds and resouces on enforcing anti-abortion laws. * Abortion would still be illegal (cities can't change state law_, but the city wouldn't provide additional help to enforcing the law. People may be less likely to be prosecuted for aiding or providing abortions.
  • Email City Council to Pass the GRACE Act 1. Find your council district - Search "fort worth council district map" 2. Email them - Every Fort Worth district has an email like "" so use YOUR district number's email. Send ~5 sentences on why it's important to you + "I urge you to pass the GRACE Act."
  • Vote May & Nov 2023 * Vote May 6, 2023 For Local Gov. - City Council, School Boards, and City Propositions impact our reproductive freedom and interconnected issues. * Vote Nov 7, 2023 for Texas Constitutional Amendments - Democrats filed resolutions to protect abortion. They may not get to our ballot, but other ciritcal resolutions will.
  • Join A City Council Meeting Why? City Council gets proof our community DEMANDS decriminalizing abortion. The more that show, the better chance!
  • Tell Everyone to Decriminalize Abortion 9,8% of Fort Worth Registered Voters voted on 2019 City Council. CAN WE DO BETTER IN 2023? * Decriminalizing Abortion depends on our city council and on US engagin and voting. ** DO AND SHARE THIS ACTION PLAN

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Governor Republican: Greg Abbot ( Democrat: Beto O’Rourke ( Green Party: Delilah Barrios ( Libertarian: Mark Tippetts (  Lieutenant Governor Republican: Dan Patrick (  Democrat: Mike Collier (  Libertarian: Shanna Steele (  Attorney General Republican:

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